The Change Is Set

I don’t know who to trust,
But this is no surprise,
All the faith has gone to dust,
And I m tired of these lies.

Nothing seems to work,
This is what I’ve now realized,
Coz all I’ve done till now,
Has turned to be highly underpriced.

I am tired of this deceit,
This masked world, these pleads,
The fun has all gone now,
Against me have turned all the bids.

Every time I try a bit harder,
Just to stand up on my feet,
All I’ve come to know is this,
What I’ve achieved is but defeat.

But something has to change,
Something from the inside,
The false has to be thrown away,
And I’ve just myself to guide.

I’ve to take every day from the inside,
And throw these sins away.
Come out of the darkness,
Not with emotions sway.

I am about break the shell,
Come out and face the heat,
As no matter what I do,
After these failures there is no defeat.

The sun, for me, will rise,
And the night has to set,
The joy to me will come,
Even if nobody would bet.

Gone will be the days of loneliness,
Next to come is solace,
The wheel has to spin down now,
The cart, move from its place.


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