Mumbai rains quaintly filling my heart….

The Mumbai Rain has arrived.

When in Mumbai, it is always a romantic experience wading through the sodden roads, getting drenched right before entering office or college (School kids are always happy). Monsoon has a strange and a soothing effect on the city. It has a ruthless beauty people want to withdraw from but can’t resist falling in love with at the end. I have been many places during the monsoons, and even if the force of the rain drops were similar, this city responds in a very unique way to the rains.

There are dull rains, boring rains, depressing rains, creepy rains, lazy rains even miserly rains. But in Mumbai, rains are generous and happy rains. The good part is that Mumbai is ready for the rains – only mentally (When it comes to infrastructure it’s better to not comment on). There are huge puddles filled with water that looks like coffee. I love the bus/train ride to the college with the rain spraying on me and I’m happy as long as it is only rain water that fills my shoes.

When it rains cats and dogs, it slows down the city which is always in a state of rush. The trains start running late; roads are jammed with traffic; even the electricity cuts become more frequent. Yes people start praying to avoid another 26/7. But I certainly feel a different vibrancy in the air. It rejuvenates you and inspires any dispirited soul. And the aesthetics of the city changes head over heels.

If I wanted to enlist the things I would miss about Mumbai, certainly monsoons would top!!!


2 thoughts on “Mumbai rains quaintly filling my heart….

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