A letter from Grandson

Dear You,

I feel an emptiness inside when I think of you. Not because I knew you—but because I never got to know you. In fact, I don’t know anything about you, yet when I think about how I never got to meet you, a sadness stirs inside of me. You passed away long before I could understand much about this world. I still remember very vividly though how you use to carry me around the town with my sister to show her the the colorful lights of the market. She used get a long tubular balloon for herself to chew it all the way home! He he. I also remember those long lunches of rotis and jaggery over the railway bridge. Whenever I still think of you; me and my mom always have this discussions about how many qualities I have inherited from you.

You passed away at a very young age. I am writing this letter to tell you how well your daughter and your son-in-law have done in their lives. And how well they have raised me and my sister. I am also writing this letter to tell you that I am taking a huge step in my career in a months time. When I came third in my senior kindergarten year I remember how you went all around the street telling everyone about your grandson’s feat! Well grandpa your grandson is now about take a more grandeur step. Everyone in the house is more than satisfied with my performance till now but for me, it won’t be as satisfying as it would’ve been having you still here with us today.

Love, The Grandson You Never Knew.

NOTE: I never called my grandpa nana (That’s what we call our maternal grandfather in India). I used simply used to call him bijipappa(In my mother tongue it would mean 2nd Father). He really was one of those people who I still epitomize as ideal. But all i now get is 1 photo of his and few memories of him with me… Love you lots Bijipappa.


5 thoughts on “A letter from Grandson

  1. Certain Lachrymose in your words.

    (I think u shouldn’t have written, the grandson you never knew. He knew you Darshan.)

    I Miss my ‘Ajoba’ too. Very much. And I never got to go to his funeral and subsequent years, because everytime we had our bloody exams.
    I love you.

    • Well for me no doubts he did knew me physically but on an emotional level what I am now what my experiences are he does’nt know a thing about all that stuff….. That’s why the never knew tag…

  2. u jst made me cry by writing these stuff…..darshu this was the best thing i have ever read !!!!! n yes he will be i think i must correct it he is proud of u too….. u r the best son , grand son n brother in this world!!!!!!!

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