My Crush…

Dear You,

The minute we met, I could feel my insides fluttering. And it wasn’t because of the way you looked (even though, you couldn’t have been more easy on the eyes) or how nice you seemed. It was a spark, either electric or one caused by immediate chemistry and instant attraction, that created a force that drew me towards you that was full of the type of magnetism I just couldn’t ignore. And you knew it, and you reveled in it and took advantage of it and I couldn’t hide it. Because it was always fireworks and butterflies stirring inside and stars in my eyes whenever I think about those times we talked, those conversations we had and those moments where I almost confessed you, but never did. I’d wish I did.

Except now it’s been ages since we’ve spoken and I still can’t help but think of you and the things we could have been. The what-ifs, our greatest potential, the possibility of being all we ever needed. And I carry these ideas with me every day, whether I like it or not, in hopes that I’ll bump into you again and that things might change even though I know it’s probably too late. Even though I still dream of a day where you tell me: it’s never too late.

So I’m wondering.. is it? Because I want you to know that I truly believe in second chances and how maybe we were just meant to be in a lifetime other than now and that now that the past is the past, maybe we can somehow still have a future at hand. And if that was the case, I’d time travel in a heartbeat, knowing how happy I’d be.. just to finally be with you.

(Still Very Much) Yours, Me


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