Friends Forever

This is a poem i had written after my first year dedicated to all my friends. It was a one of the happiest times of my undergrads…. Today most of us are moving to different parts of the world so that we could explore our lives n destinies. I came back from the domestic leaving 4 of my friends today. With a heavy heart, I think this poem reminds me the best of our friendships and how we changed during the 4 years of graduation to become who we are today. I will miss you guys a lot. Thanks for travelling with me all this time, laughing and crying out all the experiences.

The last 8 months of ma life:

Of ma life in Somaiya;

Are the best anyone can ever get,

Only coz ma friends- ma friends oh yeah!!!!


There’s this girl, who is an all-rounder for sure,

But you won’t get a heart that is such pure.


Then ders her best friend who calls me her brother,

She says I advise her a lot but I won’t bother.


I’ve a friend, who’s extremely talented and mischievous,

But is so down to earth that he always comforts all of us.


I also have a friend, who has brains par excellence,

But is so innocent that she won’t betray anyone even by chance.


I have a friend, who has talented brains,

Makes funny faces but helps one and all in their pains.


Ders a friend of mine, who is so calm and composed,

She tolerates every mischief of us even if it is overdosed.


Another friend of mine has her actions puerile n peculiar,

She, I know, always will care for us forever.


Another friend of mine is a perfect description of a roadside-boy,

Expert at sports; is not a person who at any time get shy.


I have a friend, whom people always look down at,

And still he has the guts, which makes me give him a pat.


A friend of mine is known for his laughs all over,

Is a kind hearted person, I hope wont somber


Another friend of mine sometimes I think in the college doesn’t exist,

But is one hard working fellow n gives life never a miss


Ders a friend of mine who’s a poet like me,

Never makes anyone sad – a quality, in him, I always see.


A friend of mine has all of the information about public,

She oversees my mischief but sometimes of it gets sick.


There’s this girl who is very much straightforward n definite,

Loves baddy court n a hardcore Nadalite.


I have a friend, who’s one of the most understandings,

She cares for one and all and is always smiling.


There are times when we had fights,

And there are times when we had sleepless nights.


We cared, laughed, danced, enjoyed 24×7,

Hope the bonds between us would only strengthen.

Before I met them, ma life was no more than a rover,

And I really wish that we remain friends forever…


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