A day to remember!

It was today 16 years back that I lost my grandpa. I have loads of memories of him with me some of which i had described in my post earlier – A letter from Grandson. Well even after so many years, i still almost cried in front of one of my friends today.

On this day I would also like to share a small composition I had written for one of the most intriguing memories of him. Here it is –


It was one of those dry rainy days

A small child came running down the street to his basement house

He was followed by a group of people

That was a very dark atmosphere then

As if something terrible had just occurred

And all those in the mob gave the same vibes

The negative vibes of everything getting over.

Among them this boy came running

He threw the gate open and entered the building

It seemed as if he was some alien in this crowd

There was a spark on his face

When he reached his house full of life

He could see his mother standing right behind the door

The house was over lit but the home was darker than before.


Everytime his mother would welcome him with a warm smile

But not today

She was in a complete state of shock

All she could do is look at her child

Her eyes were sore

Face swollen

Anyone could easily guess she was sobbing the whole day.

The child looked at his mother through the door

And just said to her aloud –

Mother, why do you cry?

The angels took grandpa away, he is happy over there

Won’t he ever come back?

Ok then I’ll go to school on my own.

And he returned a broad smile to his mother.

Well no need to tell that the boy was me and that was my grandpa.. or my Bijipapa as by now you would know. Sorry for posting another emotional writing but i guess he deserves this space even on my blog. A nice co-incidence is grandpa’s is the only topic I have posted twice on my blog that too in my early days something similar to what I had in my life. 🙂 anyways I’ll try and avoid more emotionally draining posts.


5 thoughts on “A day to remember!

  1. 🙂 liked the poem… a young fella was strong enough even then…

    I knw what it feels to know the most impt person in ur life u liked to be wid , is nt there to see u happy n grow…

    But u knw wat aren’t v happy n growing coz of the blessing they are showering from up there 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • haha well said payal….. their blessings always push us fwd. thanks for the compliment.
      and btw dat boy was not strong he ws just too innocent to understand what death was at that age. Isiliye the title says Innocence

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