A Friend at the Station

Dear You,

I used to see you on the station every day on my way to college. You also used to go to work because you were always suited up, which kind of intimidated me, but at the same time made me swoon even more after you. I don’t know what it was and even though you were adorable to look at, I think it was more of the mystery that had me hooked.

Even during 10 years of schooling we did not became as good friends as we are today. Though you were never really happy with your job and you always use to complaint about it, I always envied you for all the things you enjoyed in life. Now, you are getting engaged to the love of your life in a few months and soon going to start a family and probably a better life too. I just need to tell you one thing at this juncture, in a way you always inspired me to grow ahead and keep trying to get something better out of myself rather than sitting in the chair and blabbering about satisfaction.

I hope we will get in touch once I return back to India. I also hope I become a person as capable and sweet as I see you today. And I hope you get all the happiness you deserve. Thank you for being my friend and source of constant inspiration.

Yours,                                                                                             A Friend at the station.


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