Best Friend

Dear You,
Most best friends originate from being friends for years beyond years. This wasn’t the case with you. We have only been friends for less than five years, but there was something about you—something about us together that’s hard to find with anyone else, that you would think you would need years beyond years under your belt to get to that point of comfort, but for some reason we didn’t need that.

As much as we wanted to deny it, we somehow gravitated towards each other anyway. I don’t think either of us ever expected to be friends, much less best friends, but it happened and I want to say I couldn’t be more thankful. You have continuously taught me what the meaning of being a “best friend” is without having expectations because honestly, I never knew what that was like before. From our night long conversations about nothing and everything to our series of small and big heartaches and loss of other friendships through the short amount of time we’ve been friends—I feel like there’s no one else who could have been there for me more than you have.

After all I’ve been through, I never thought I would allow myself to have another best friend, but somehow you pushed through and took that empty space and made it yours. You’ve been an inspiration and made me a better person inside and out and now I know that’s what best friends are for. I hope you know that and I hope that never-never changes. I always hope we remain in touch and get at least one nice snap of us in the future!
Always, Me.


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