The Sweetest Person in my Life

Dear you,
Over the past 3 years we have become very good friends. We have so many different connections to each other that I feel we were bound to meet and become such good friends. But then individually we are worlds apart as much as one could keep wondering how we still managed to become such good friends. Well even our first chat online was an intriguing one if you can remember!

You are always amongst the first people in the past years I have shared every bit of my thoughts, achievements and blunders. And while I would be studying in US for the next 2 years it would be your smile and caring nature that I would be missing the most. And though you might go on saying that I was more helpful to you and all but the truth is your nature and sense of harmlessness towards others always took me by awe.

Anyways, I wish you achieve your career goals and the big declarations by this year-end successfully. I will always pray for your phone bills to reduce to lesser than 500 bucks: P. and I also hope that you will bring your own 3-member family on my wedding… Ha-ha. You will always be my sweetest and dearest friend…



2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Person in my Life

  1. Hey Darshan..u actually made me blushing by reading this..!:* wink :*
    thanks a lot for this..and i am sure i won’t own a 3-member family at ur wedd :p

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