Worlds Apart

Its been two weeks since I left India and started a life changing journey towards land of Uncle Sam. The journey till now has been quite an amazing one. America has lived up to my expectations. Well in most areas. My stay near Washington DC has been filled with ups and downs little fights and great experiences.

Back in India, when I was going through all my procedures people used to come to me tell me that US is a very lucrative place a place where one can earn a lot of money, enjoy your fullest, u know the happily ever after kinds. And I always used to guff those thoughts of. But as soon as I landed here, all those thoughts started running through my mind – Whether I’ll really stay here in US or go back to my motherland India?

As a result I started comparing the day-to-day life in both countries and started to weigh all the factors to suit me and thus help me decide a bit on my future. And well after one week here’s a part of my analysis:

US is great!!! There are loads of opportunities here to grow. Unlike India there is no rat race here to get to the top of the world or there aren’t people here trying to force you down the ladder so that they can replace you. Instead people here are helpful. Take pride in others happiness(well not all of-course but most Indians surprisingly do). And they do help you when in trouble instead of just laughing the misery on you. There’s money and time both available to achieve your goals here.

But then that is also a kind of problem as the picture widens. Everyone here is so busy getting their dreams completed you would not even know if your neighbor actually pass away today. A perfect example of that would be a fact that I could not meet a college friend of mine, who is studying in my university and living in the same building complex where I temporarily stayed, for the first 2 weeks. And this happened even though our college had not yet started. People here do believe in individualism but sometimes it feels that individuality is a bit heightened here. No offenses but being born and brought up in India for 22 years, the cliché things about India are always missed by me. Things like living in a lively neighborhood like the chawls where even if a cockroach enters your house the chawl would know about it in a minute. Hehe. I miss the whole concept of teacher-disciple where teacher is equivalent to God for a student and not just any person who has more knowledge and gets paid to impart it to the students. Yes India has become developed corruption and yes population and competition in almost every field is a big problem but still there’s a certain feeling of homeliness when you are in your country rather than staying abroad.

Now I am no one to say whether India is better or US neither am i going to put up another ABCD(America Born Confused Desi) analysis of I what ways US is better than India or vice-a-versa. But I am just another Indian who has followed his dream all the way to the country of opportunities and is now trying to settle down in with the customs and reforms this alien land. And though US has at least a thousand reasons where it can boast to be better than India, I’ll always boast about India and how good it is. Guess even though being worlds apart from each other the two big democracies of the world have their share of the problems and moments of achievements. Though being worlds apart from each other they are after all based on the same political base – Democracy.


What do you think?

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