Those Were the Days !!!!! – Zubin Sanghvi

This post is dedicated to the ever-so – wonderful childhood days which all of us would want to revisit. I am an avid fan of Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals and one of his soul rendering  ghazal is the inspiration for this post –We are all into our mid – twenties struggling to strengthen our footholds into our respective careers. Life has become a race and all of us are driving ourselves to unknown and unconquered destinations. In this maddening quest of Minting Money and climbing the socio – success ladder, we have conveniently forgotten the very basic necessities of Human Soul – ‘Inner Peace, Sanctity and Honesty ‘.

Most of us, if not all would have had a Mami, Nani, Mausi, Aatya, Dadi, Aunty etc. in our family or our society or at a friend’s place who would be our agony aunt, guiding angel, friend, philosopher and quite often our biggest confidant . We all grew up listening to their real life experiences and stories which at that age seem to be out of this world – Magical to be precise. Her handmade food suddenly became the best delicacy in town and she more than often ended up being our savior when dad had a bad mood ! We secretly adored her when she would scold our parents for thrashing us and unknowingly she was the only one who knew about our first crush, biggest weakness, happiest moment, best-est friend and biggest worries ! All in all – She was the only person at whose place we could willingly be when parents used to go out leaving us behind and we would not care to shed a tear !!!! Those were the days !!!!!
Getting out of our homes the moment a friend calls your name. Armed with our Cricket kits, passion running down our veins, playing our strengths out in sun and rain, in fun and pain. No matter how much our mummies yell or our daddies threaten, life with friends was the only life we wished to live. Milk  and water were delivered to our playing arenas with mommies’ occasional checks about our well being. Lunch used to be a disturbance and again we were at someone’s place playing cards, Carom, WWE cards, UNO, Business, Monopoly and what not. Evenings were mostly spent in hide and seeks aka Thappo, Dabba ice spice, Sankli, Langdi and in worst scenarios – Colour – Colour…Dinner was often accompanied by our favourite tele series such Hum Paanch,Campus,Superhit Muqabla, Dekh Bhai Dekh,etc etc..not to forget VICI of Small Wonder to start off our day and when Uncle Scrooge (of the duck tale fame) was much more talked about than today’s Warren Buffet . The pain of going home for a nap was shortlived with the enthusiasm of next days’ plan….And sleep was often sweetened with the day’s fondest memories of a great catch or a brilliant wicket or couple of boundaries which were encouraged by your buddies (Their opinion mattered much more than that of today’s Bhogles and Shastris). A careless life and a honest hard day work….isnt it? Those were the days !!!!!
The biggest dare devilry of our childhood – Going out with our friends anywhere outside the diameter of a kilometer from our houses ! Carefully calculating the amount of money we carried, also the amount of money spent. I remember going to Crossroads from Mulund was once considered an utmost act of bravery !!!!! We all have been to the Chow patty and build Sand Castles and made sure they were there forever…We have all written our names in the sand and felt we will be immortal… We have all had childhood crushes on our siblings’ friends, teachers, brightest student of the class, head boy/head girl, family friend and so on and so forth….perhaps only to last for about a quarter of an year, a month or sometimes even hours ! There would also be few emotional nights perhaps after a trashing from Dad or a bad report card, where we would have sat with our friends and planned to achieve great heights in life….planning to be world’s most famous personality, an architect, a doctor, an MBA, a civil servant, an entrepreneur, dot dot dot……How and Why were never discussed !!!!!!!!!

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