India – 65 Years after Independence

This is a classic piece of work I came across the internet while reading on the recent Delhi Bombing in September earlier this year. It leaves you with a nice little thought provoking Question. Please do care to read this because this piece of work is definitely by someone who has a very good understanding of what has actually happened over the course of 65 years Independence.

What is happening in India is actually the culmination of the apathy and negligence that we show to our security and safety mechanisms for the last sixty five years. Nothing happens out of context ……………..   it only happens as an expression of the logical process which was started in 1947 that non- violence and Panchsheel will serve as the principles that  shape and mould our state policy. Militant nationalism is turned out to be a case of fanatic chauvinism and should be loathed even at the micro level. The efficiency of these principles stand absolved as India had to pay heavily through territorial loss in 1947 Indo-Pak and 1962 Indo-China war. However we Indians still worship “Chacha” Nehru to show this rare display of statesmanship rather than severely censure his utopian thoughts and acts of cowardice.

Country has been drenched with blood and melancholy but what how long it should continue?

1. It will continue so long as we the people of India don’t attach the same importance that we ought to do when the terror unleashed at North –East of India or in the hinterlands of Chattisgarh with that of any act of terrorism happening in Delhi or Mumbai.

2. So long as people of India couldn’t realize that draining a remote fringe of India would in the process make the whole country chronic to unrest and chaotic conditions.

3. Wanton destruction of life and property will go on until and unless Indian mass could acknowledge the fact that over romanticism and bonhomie with Pakistan and Bangladesh through people to people contact and cultural exchanges are merely cosmetic in nature because both these countries would not change their basic character of anti-Indianism or anti-Hinduism and if they cease to harbor the idea there existence as a separate nation will come to an end. In this matter it can inferred that under no circumstances Pakistan will hand over 20 fugitives to India or dismantle it terror superstructure because they will act as leverages to contain the economic prosperity and social tranquility in India.

4.The saga and reign of terror will continue so long as Indian intelligentsia do not realize that innate contradictions between two religions originated in foreign land with that of the Hindu Dharma is creating social fissures and tensions all across the country. To a Hindu this land is hisPunnya Bhoomi, Matri Bhoomi and Karma Bhoomi whereas to a Non-Hindu this cannot be his Punnya Bhoomi. Cultural leanings towards Arab and Rome will not only alien themselves from the national mainstream but also inculcate the idea of minoritism peppered with negativism.

5. Until and unless we shed our image of a nation easily cowed by international pressures and our idea of internationalism courtesy Great Indian Comrades who are always ready to raise their pitch against US imperialism be it at Cuba, Latin America, Iran but surprisingly this voice gets choked when we like to talk about our own land mass that were illegally occupied by China and Pakistan. Betterment of foreign relations at the cost of nation’s interest is simply treading on a regime of self-deception and self denial. Mind it only Indian political leaders’ clamor that J&K and Arunachal Pradesh are integral part of India and on the other hand that no one has ever noticed any such kind of mumblings from Pakistani or Chinese leaders for any geographical regions under their respective suzerainty of their country. This defensive mentality and myopic vision of our leaders have let us down.

6. We even dare to go for a strong measure like hot pursuit in Bangladesh or Myanmar leave aside Pakistan and China because the fear of alienating minority vote bank will have a negative electoral backlash and all the meticulously computed power equations will go awry and moreover internationally we will be isolated and diplomatically coerced by the Arab countries easily as we are not part of any strategic blocks.

7. It will continue so long Indian leaders (pseudo secularists) will pay homage and monetary compensation to slain militants family and supporting through all means to captured militants.

8. India will continue to suffer as long as we have that mind set that defense and any expenditure on espionage and counter terrorism operations are meaningless costs that a poverty stricken country like India cannot afford to bear. In fact India’s spending on defense account is less than even Pakistan in GDP terms. Whatever national assets that we produce could be sabotaged and wrecked into pieces of infinitesimal nature if we do not have proper security apparatus.

9. Until and unless India could make this proxy war costly to those vested interests across the border it will go in an incessant manner.

10. Indian judicial and policing system’s lackadaisical approach is putting hassles for the trial process to be completed within a time bound manner.

11.India will continue to suffer as long as it is administered by callous and insensitive leaders like Vilasrao Deshmukh (Chief Minister of Maharashtra who visited the Taj with film maker Ram Gopal Varma and his actor son Rithesh Deshmukh), R.R. Patil (Deputy CM of Maharashtra who said that these are minor incidents which may happen in a big city like Mumbai), Mukhtar Naqvi (spokesperson of BJP made an infamous derogatory remarks against women protestors), V.S.Achuthanandan ( Chief Minister of Kerala did not even mince words to denigrate Major Unnikrisnan who had made a supreme sacrifice for the cause of this nation).

12. India will continue to suffer as long as a minuscule of pro-left liberal activists reign in the formation of its domestic and international policies, who are on a mission to promote their agenda of civil liberties at the cost of national security- which should be of paramount importance to any sovereign nation. Too much stress on pluralism and belief in sub-nationalism will accelerate the process of fragmentation of infinitesimal nature of the Indian nation state.


What do you think?

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