A letter to my reflection in the mirror

Dear You,

It’s been a long road to get here, with some bumps more major than others, but somehow you’ve survived and I can only imagine that means you have the strength to keep on surviving for as long as you can.

And even though there is so much more I could say to you — I’d rather sum it up with a list of things you’ll need to remember while along this ride of life:

  1. Always urge to become better.
  2. But remember, nobody is perfect.
  3. Make mistakes (but remember to eventually learn from them, even if it takes you a long time to get there).
  4. Never regret; never expect.
  5. Love. Love. Love. Even if it hurts. One day, I hope someday someone will definitely come to show you it won’t.

With much love and much luck,


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