Not just another story

Things only seem easy to do when you aren’t the one who has to do them. We go around constantly telling other people don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. move on, already, it’s not worth it. You’ll find someone better, you’ll find someone more deserving of you, but we forget that there are other things involved that we don’t know about. That it isn’t just story about a sad, but hopeful girl who keeps waiting and waiting for a boy who doesn’t realize she’s even there. It’s isn’t just a story about some silly boy who stays and loves and loves with all his heart only to have it broken time and time again. It isn’t just a story about a foolish who doesn’t seem to understand any better and can’t move on.

It’s a story about how he’s always been there for her no matter what. Through their bitter breakup and heartache with other guys, through lost friendships and through being this close to death. It’s a story about how she still stood by his side even if going through these things hurt her too.

It’s a story about how even though it’s been years since the last time they were together, he still remembers the littlest things about her. How she remembers how he likes his drink to be, and will always get him one whenever she can get him one or how he knows how much she loves string cheese and is willing to share one with her every time he stocks his fridge with them after a trip to the grocery store. It’s about how he lets her take photos of him in funny poses. It’s about how he will accompany her on her museum outings even though she knows he isn’t particularly fond of them. it’s about how that doesn’t even matter to him, but how much it matters to her.

It’s a story about she believes it’s always going to be different with him. And whether he realizes it or not, it’s a story built around those words that makes her keep holding on too tightly to all they have to hold onto. And how nothing else can change that except she and him and the disappearance of the feelings that hide. It’s about how underneath it all, it’s always been him for her and her for him even though they both deeply deny it.

And it’s a story of so much more than you will ever know and the ending to it will never be as simple as you think, regardless if you think you’ve been there before. because what you have to remember is that this isn’t some repeat of your story — it’s only hers and his alone.


4 thoughts on “Not just another story

  1. Awww… I loved the last part where u say its not your story, its theirs..<3<3:-)
    Darshan wow… You can actually write love stories…
    This is the day i give you the opportunity to write one on me..;-) hehe..

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