Why do you write?

When you read, you go through a story or a poem or just a short write up on that piece of paper you scrambled away at that corner, all of which are personal. To you. And you alone.

Your eyes see the symbols joined together to make words, the graphical representations of sounds and characters you portrayed in those sounds. Those sounds are thus translated into meaning – meaning only you can understand, meaning every person reading it later think they know how it feels but the fact is they are wrong. These representations and those characters are given voice by your observation of them. You have no choice in the matter.

Try to not read this as a sentence. Try to live every character of it.

Thousands of people may read this but each of them will read it in their own way. It is unique to them. It gives all of them a different meaning – a meaning only they can comprehend.

To you its different – that is why I wrote it.

Because you are unique in your voice, in your understanding, in your way. You are special. A unique aspect of a glimmering whole. We are all that whole – a completeness that only we can decipher completely. But you alone are you. And because I speak to you and you alone, intimately, I know you as well as I know myself.

And that is why I have the faith I do in you. You will be great. You will be amazing.

You will change the world. I know you can write. You can explain your story. You can give your rhymes. You can share a part of you like you do with friends, with me. And so you would write – not for me not for your friends, not for the world, not for the change you want, not to complain but just for you. Nobody else.


What do you think?

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