What you have left!

It is not what they take away from you that counts. It’s what you do with what you have left. Or there’s another one which is my favorite – “When life gives you lemons, smart people make lemonade but the successful ones make orange juice and let other people wonder how did they make it!”

Haha. All of these sound so cheesy and encouraging. But when the time really comes do you even think of making lemonade? What the heck making lemonade even means when it comes to it as option? When you have lost your job; when you have just broke up with the love your life after six years of happily in commitment; when you realize that you just lost your dream house to a bank mortgage; when someone really close to you suddenly passes away; when you have lost your limbs in an accident you had in your prime.

Are we even strong enough to endure the pain we feel at such moments in life? What does making lemonade even stand for in such situations? No matter what we say or think we have all been there – in situations when we realize that all the dreams we had; all our life’s efforts or atleast a big chunk of it is now suddenly going down the drain.

They say its situations like these that define us; the friends that stay with us are our true friends; the relations we build are the best and true. But right at the moment when it’s all going down does any these matter? Does getting the realization of the situation make a difference at exactly that point? Most of us will get over it one way or another – Life is too good a teacher to us for that not to happen. And when you get back up on your feet and show what has happened around you; you realize on what is left. What have you achieved in your most vulnerable moments.

What you are left with is your real world. 🙂


What do you think?

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